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The following is a selection of books, publications and articles on various topics surrounding philanthropy that we are currently reading.


Featured Articles

Family Business Philanthropy

Philanthropy - What it provides to families in business (English version) (Arabic version)

Etienne Eichenberger and Jessie Johnsson (Tharawat magazine, 2011)

Family business philanthropy, though widely practiced all over the world, is an area that is still unexplored and little commented on. The field is, however, fast evolving and has witnessed much innovation. In this article we discuss what makes a successful engagement and the benefits for families that get involved in philanthropy. Two case studies are presented that illustrate the successful implementation of philanthropy for families in business.


Family Philanthropy

How to make philanthropy a family affair  (link)

Betsy Brill (Forbes, 2011)

Involving children and grandchildren in philanthropic activities plays an important role in preparing younger generations for wealth and responsibility. Multigenerational discussions about charitable giving plans and priorities can go a long way toward ensuring the successful transfer of wealth and the continuity of values.



Featured Books

Wise WealthWise Wealth

Creating it, Managing it, Preserving it

Joachim Schwass, Håkan Hillerström, Holger Kück, Colleen Lief (Pallgrave Macmillan, 2011)

The book provides broad and deep insights into relevant aspects of private wealth and, most importantly, its continuity. It uses pragmatic frameworks and proven concepts from advanced family business research and contains significant new work on the growing field of family offices. The four authors combine their personal, academic and professional experiences to enable the reader to learn from the most common mistakes and from the most successful entrepreneurs, family businesses and family offices.


Novelle PhilanthropieLa Nouvelle Philanthropie

(Ré)invente-t-elle un capitalisme solidaire?

Virginie Seghers (Editions Autrement, 2009)

French Language book

This book provides a global landscape and questions for the first time in France the key actors: can philanthropy contribute to the distribution of wealth Is it a moral duty or simply a way to increase the influence of the richest, giving them a clear conscience at the same time? In a world where capitalism is facing its own excesses, wanting to be more supportive, this investigation deciphers the true spirit of this new economy of giving.


Featured Publications


Why OthersWhy Others?

Philanthropy as opportunity

(Etienne Eichenberger, Karin Jestin, Thiery Lombard, Maurice Machenbaum, Matthieu Ricard, John L.Ward, Gabs)

“Why Others?” addresses, in a simple and pleasant way, the important issues for families on succession, values and wealth and raises the many questions which individuals and families need to ask themselves when turning to philanthropy.

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Looking OverLooking Over the Horizon

(Sand Aire, 2007)

A compilation of articles on the forces that will challenge the strategic thinking of wealthy families over the next 20 years including subjects on education, philanthropy, the environment, security and changing values. Some articles provide predictions; others suggest a different way that a family or society can approach the challenges we face today.

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