How to Engage

Meet Other Donors Through Our Exclusive Event

Families in Philanthropy is about exchanging with other donors and drawing inspiration from them is an important part of engaging in philanthropy. These occasions allow donors to learn about other families’ modus operandi and discuss some of the challenges they face. The opportunity to share practical experiences, ideas and concepts among peers and across different generations strengthens donors’ philanthropic engagements.

Families in Philanthropy provides unique access to these types of interaction. It is a private meeting held annually exclusively for families, entrepreneurs and individual donors in an informal and exclusive surrounding. The one and half day meeting includes:

  • highly interactive sessions and informal discussions about the impact of donors’ giving and the related issues at stake.
  • professionally facilitated workshops on issues ranging from strategic choices of funding approaches to family dynamic.

Building on their extensive experience in advising donors and their families on how best to achieve their philanthropic aspirations, wise – philanthropy advisors created Families in Philanthropy in 2008.