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New Generations, New Ideas

A report from Families in Philanthropy 2011 (if you want the full version, please contact us)

Text by wise-philanthropy advisors and Philippe Sion, drawing by Fiami (Geneva, 2011)

The six themes in this report capture the essence of the conversations, presentations, plenary and case-study sessions during the two-days gathering. This succinct summary provides rare insights into family-based philanthropy and we hope it will ignite further thoughts to engage in active andipact-oriented philanthropy. 


Good Ideas and New Ideas

Good Ideas New Ideas

A report from Families in Philanthropy 2010 (if you want the full version, please contact us)

Text by wise-philanthropy advisors, drawings by Patrick Mallet (Geneva, 2010)

The report highlights the key messages which emerged during the meeting that were the most important to the participants. It is a collection of good ideas, sometimes new ideas which aims to inspire other philanthropists interested in enriching their engagement.


Be Inspired By These Stories of Donors

Philanthropists Speak Out

Speak Out

Six family entrepreneurs speak about their commitment

Authors and interviews by wise – philanthropy advisors (Banque de Luxembourg, April 2010)

Six family entrepreneurs speak about the diverse initiatives that they support and share their motivations as well as the benefits they and their companies have gained from these experiences.

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Two Donors                                 Two donors share their experience working with wise